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…This is about qualifying For Membership In The King Of Kings, Jesus Of Nazareth’s- Earth’s Only Error-Free Thinker’s- Eternal Royal Court

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Part 1- Dead Dogs ‘Changing’ Or ‘Saving’ Lives, The World?| TOP
1-Example of a heretofore unanswered question: | TOP
2- What is “incompetence”?
3- Why do bodies get sick and children die?
4- What is the original sin?
5- Why is there no respect for persons?
6- Who or what is God?
7- What is ‘religion’?
8- What is spiritual, or heavenly wisdom?
9- What is mind?
10- What is the church?
11- What is the bible?| TOP
12- What is the law and the prophets?
13- What is death?
14- Why are ‘past’ and ‘future’ robbers?
15- What is the kingdom of God?
16- What is “Heaven and Earth”?
17- What is “human”?
18- What is “coincidence”?
19- What is God’s death curse?
20- How many generations are really in Matthew 1 and why?
21- What happens to those that kill or intend to kill?| TOP
22- What is “sin”?
23- Why can today nothing be called a ‘sacrifice’ by and of anything, or anybody?
24- How can time (‘time will tell’) be redeemed?
25-What does the rain_b-o-w symbolize?
26- What is the false premise on which mainstream ‘science’ bases its ‘play-by-play trial and error based unsupervised self-development’ theory, called ‘evolution’?
27- Who “wired” the earth for perfect, infallible precision surround sound, from the slightest whisper to the loudest explosion (simultaneously with adequately equipping ears to hear and utilize that sound)?
28- Why are UFOs real?
29- How about the dinosaurs?
30- Who was first, the chicken or the egg?
31- Why the ‘cure’ for the common cold does not exist?| TOP
32- How come, nobody is ‘innocent’?
33- What do air and water symbolize?
34- What is the meaning of Jesus’ flesh and blood?
35- Why is the term “housetop”, and not ‘roof top’?
36- Why did Jesus write on the ground, and not ‘in the sand’?
37- What is the allegorical facet of “He loved Jacob and hated Esau”?
38- How did Jacob become Israel?
39- How is it made known throughout the Old and New Testaments that the final prophet, righteous Tzadek, of Deuteronomy 18:18 to 22; Isaiah 42 is female?
40- What are His heavenly things (John 3:12)?
41- Why can there be no ‘anarchy’, ‘separation’, ‘chaos’, ‘randomness’ or ‘entropy’ in the cosmos?| TOP
42- Why do people need the comprehension of God’s plot, plot-points, axioms, laws, directive, terminology and instructions?
43- What is humanity’s greatest plague preventing eternal life?
44- What is the meaning of the 99+1 sheep?
45- What does “the least of me” represent?
46- Why is God, the spirit, not ‘infinite’?
47- Why is Judas not a ‘traitor’?
48- Why is Cain not a ‘murderer’?
49- What is individualism?
50- What is God’s theocracy?
51- What do the trillions of dying sperm cells beyond just that select specific one that may enter the egg without leaving a hole in every ejaculation symbolize?| TOP
52- How many ‘percent’ of the seed is the finished plant?
53- What is the emblematic meaning of things hanging down, when photographed?
54- Where does a tree begin- in its seed or in its crown?
55- Why can the two great lights, sun and moon, not be ‘ball shaped’ (spherical)?
56- Why is the ‘time-zone’ arrangement proof that earth cannot be ball- shaped, named ‘globe’, housing ‘global’ things?
57- What does the word “planet” itself tell about its shape?
58- What does the human body symbolize?
59- What mistake did carnal first Adam make, when naming the animals?
60- Why do men and women not get along?
61- How do computer and Internet symbolize creation and Heaven & Earth?| TOP
62- What are the 4 layers of scripture symbolism?
63- Why “Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven”?
64- Why is there no ‘father’ on the earth?
65- Why Jesus Of Nazareth and not Mohammed, Buddha, Hindu Gurus?
66- Why “Thou shalt not steal”?
67- Why does faith not fill the void?
68- Why is giving still problematic to this day?
69- Why are all conventional ideas as to “how to have success” false?
70- What are two of the most obvious things people just don’t get?
71- How do things quickly change after graduation?| TOP
72- Why are hitmen, assassins, killers the dumbest of all?
73- Why is there no ‘you’, ‘he, she, it’, ‘we’, or ‘they’?
74- What is “life”?
75- Being at the right or wrong place at the right or wrong time?
76- Why does everybody say, “he, she, it ‘is’ beautiful”?
77- How come kind and courteous people that exercise all their lives, consider themselves athletic and fit suddenly have cancer and die?
78- Why is a diary counterproductive?
79- What is the order of Melchizedek?
80- Who is First Adam?
81- Has the world ‘become more complicated’? | TOP
82- Why are man-made movies getting more and more boring?
83- Why is food not glamorous, or health promoting?
84- How does one get to know people quite fast and easily?
85- How does one alter peoples’ attitudes (spouses as well as strangers?
86- Blood thicker…- family most important?
87- What is faulty in the criminal ‘Justice’ system?
88- How can an individual make a difference?
89- What are false gods?
90- How can rape be avoided?
91- What is the meaning of this verse?| TOP
92- Why are almost all people in jeopardy?
93- Why are none(!) of the so-called born-again ‘Christians’ really ‘saved’?
94- What is the meaning of the woman’s 12-year issue with blood?
95- Why are the press’ ‘journalists’ especially endangered?
96- What do dreams signify?
97- What is the meaning of “save one life, you save the word entire”?
98- What is in the name (nature) “I AM”?
99- Why is the term ‘outside the box’ not correct?
100- What is the meaning of “The kingdom of God cometh not with observation”?
101- Why are ‘luck’, ‘fortune’, ‘chance’, ‘risk’ mere superstition?| TOP
102- What is today’s tower of Babel?
103- Why is the owl considered to be wise?
104- What is the false premise under which murder squads and detectives operate?
105- Is there a vivid example for the vastness of God?
106- What about the unbelievers?
107- What is “intuition”?
108- What is “His(S)tory”?
109- Has anybody been given ‘power’ over another?
110- Is God a mass murderer?
111- Is there a guideline on what to do and what not to do?| TOP
112- Is all life sacred?
113- Global Warming?
114- Why is there no death by ‘natural’ causes?
115- If humans only came with instructions?
116- How can “diagnose” be so wronged?
117- Is ‘time travel’ an option?
118- Is “we’re all gonna die” correct or false?
119- What is the disadvantage of frequent habitual lying?
120- The ‘greater good’?
121- Saying- without another thought- “unbelievable”, “you wouldn’t believe it”, “I Can’t believe it”?| TOP
122- Who is the widow of the bible?
123- Who is the orphan of scripture?
124- What are the universal answers to the 6 sales questions?
125- Is there really ‘a price to be paid’?
126- Are good and evil really opposites?
127- What is the meaning of Ouroboros?
128- How does happiness come about?
129- What are the 2 biggest faux pas anybody could make (and they keep making them daily)?
130- Are there any ‘righteous’ killings?
131- What is the obvious difference between the dead-dog hewn man and the quickening-spirit man of full stature?| TOP
132- Are god-men superior to hewn men?
133- What are some of the falsities in Islam?
134- How does one immediately recognize somebody that does not understand Jesus and is therefore not entitled to call Him “Lord”?
135- Why can suicide not be a ‘sin’?
136- Is there a normalcy to happiness?
137- Are there any signs to show the way?
138- What do the three temples symbolize?
139- What is the deal with Artificial Intelligence?
140- What is the battle of Armageddon?
141- Are gay hewn men mentioned in the bible in an affirming manner?| TOP
142- Why did the idea of divorce not exist from the beginning in the earth?
143- How many times has one heard it said, “when I die, I’ll go straight to hell”?
144- How come, in-depth and clear thinking is so difficult for so many?
145- Why is philosophy the only legitimate discipline (next to Math)?
146- How is the world being made?
147- What is the matter with “demo(N)cracy”?
148- Have any example for traditional idiocies?
149- How many times does one hear “he is a good man”, these days?
150- Are there “born criminals”?
151- How does Eve become the mother of all living (spiritual minds)? | TOP
152- Are the skilled, highly sensitized and experienced of the earth likely to be “the elect”?
153- To what conventional institution can God’s earth be compared?
154- What is wrong with “attack is the best defense”?
155- Odessa TX– The New Citadel, Symbolism In “USA”?
156- Lighting a candle for somebody’s soul in ‘church’-buildings?
157- Is there a difference between “being wealthy” and “having money, assets and chattel”?
158- What is a good way to deal with an offender against me?
159- How about organ transplants and cryonics?
160- What are some of the signs of hypocrisy?
161- Fighting for ‘civil’ ‘rights’ and ‘gender’ ‘equality’?| TOP
162- What is hewn man’s paradox?
163- Why is ignorance the only unforgivable sin (minor article, written some time ago)?
164- Being ‘reasonable’?


3.5 Her actual coming- her contemplation and part of the story| TOP
The premier secret constantly hinted upon by Jesus, and referenced throughout: What is the point, the purpose of mankind’s existence on earth, The Golden Secret Hidden From The Ancients?| TOP

What are the five lies that make dying easier?| TOP

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