The REAL question…

…is not, “do you believe in God?”, but, “who or what is God?”, for it leads to the single most unclear subject on the entire earth, from ‘little man in the sky’ to ‘love’.

God does NOT(!) need your ‘help’! “God’s work” is to be done INSIDE OF YOUR MIND, not in the dead world that, like an artificially animated 2D mirror image, reflects your hellish circumstances in existence as a consequence to your thinking…, and God’s school for your qualification into Jesus Of Nazareth’s eternal royal court. One does not attend school in order to ‘change’ or ‘save’ it.

Every lover of the horror genre accepts a scenario, where one has to overcome the most torturous atrocities for the attainment of a singular reward or die, yet the whole ‘Christian’ falsity-based ‘community‘ (not really, for it’s split up into countless parts- some of them not at all even related to Jesus’ meaning) believe in their exemption from rule-keeping, their freedom to spread vagueness, misrepresentation and outright lies, and put it all onto Jesus’ tap, constantly keep saying, ‘I’m sorry, only to do it again,’ because of the false words of hidden antichrist Paul that ‘the law somehow no longer counts’, who himself had to be knocked down from his horse and blinded for days in order to halt his murderous activities- the early actions that later assured his death- and also confirmed that spreading lies (anything that is not 100% error-free) is deadly in God’s realm of total self-evident truth, for it blasphemes the HOLY (wholly true, consistent, absolutely logical and precisely correct) Ghost, or female living spirit of God.

Matthew 12:31- Wherefore I say unto you, All manner of sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven unto men: but the blasphemy against  the  Holy Ghost

shall not be forgiven unto men.

Just as soon as a doubter, a skeptic, a non-believer actually comprehends the invisible “God”, the (only) person, the entity, the sole power, they will have no excuse for not believing- and all is well.

Golden Bible Secrets is most definitely a major source for such NEW-wine understanding.

From Odessa TX New Jer-USA-lem