The only “legitimate” discipline?

It is philosophy.


It’s the discipline of selective thought.

“philo_sophy”=”philo Sophia: of the son (male, or righteous love-child) of wisdom; mind-child of love”.

Maybe these


Fichte-By No machine-readable author provided. Markus Mueller~commonswiki assumed (based on copyright claims). [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
Hegel-By The original uploader was Nihil Kainer at German Wikipedia (Transferred from de.wikipedia to Commons.) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

However, surely this

old German scripture

The bible (KJV and ASV), oldest and only written self-evidently semantically correct works on earth containing ZERO ERROR (proved by Ivan Panin on 40,000+ handwritten pages of Math and logic during the 1930s), is the only book to be fully comprehended- since, consequentially, all other ‘important’ written works must contain at least one single error, rendering ALL of them invalid.

The bible is humanity’s infallible, mandatory instruction manual, guiding handbook for the entire range of wherewithal on how not only to proceed through one’s ca. 7-decade long kennel stay, but also toward the extensive process of repentance and transfiguration into the restoration of perfect pre-curse conditions.

What would you do, if you had the one and only exclusive source before you, right here, right now, that is able to give you the answer to the ONE question that matters, again, “Do you know the POINT for your existence on earth? (wouldn’t you love to be able to tell your pastor, or other miscellaneous cleric, the answer to that and much, much more that he never even heard of??)”

The finally correct, and therefore life-saving, lasting and priceless interpretation of all 4 layers of scriptural wisdom is now available:

Best wishes and highest regards,

Ina Bliss AKA TheFig

P. S. It is true: you cannot find this detailed corrective interpretation of scripture anywhere else, or from anybody else on earth.

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