The Ingenious Challenge & Grand Divide:

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Are you trying to “stay ‘healthy’ in order to die healthy”, while practically keeping busy and awaiting death, whose date is unknown, but can arrive at any minute, the entire time fearing its arrival? Most importantly, are you relying on the same redundant information that led generations of people (personified aspects of God) before you into death?




…if they had been mindful of that country whence they came, they might have had opportunity to have returned.

Ready to undergo your RE-BOOT?

If you are, or would like to become a Spiritual Manifesteur, read on (all of humanity is eventually going to be just that…)

Can you do this already, all by yourself? Then just click out of here…

If you need just a little bit of slapping, you’re certainly a welcome guest and you’re invited to stay.

Is it possible that human ‘wisdom’ is All wrong?

What if you discovered that Everything you know is wrong? It bears absolutely NO truth. All your life, all the people you know have been lying to you, as well as you to yourself.

Why is Everything humans do wrong?

How come, everyone is listening to a lot of empty noise accompanied by pretty sounds, running to and fro (Noah’s times), and not getting anywhere?

Aren’t the blind guiding the lame, and the pretty faces being trusted without care?

Should perpetual motion in the void be all there is?

Where are you going?

Why do you want to ‘get there’?

Didn’t you simply get sent here to BE YOURSELF?

How come many things you do are not even pleasurable. You hurry, breathlessly wondering:


Who is having any fun?

Hoarding money for that ‘rainy’ day, needing net-worth to feel worthy, pointing fingers at society and its wrongs; disliking individuals for their uniqueness, wanting to eliminate things and their originators, knowing not why it is so, but this and that guy is doing it too. When millions do it, it must be right…

Is time running out ?

Judgment, criticism, greed, jealousy, anger, all justified, or are they not?

Are you shouting your deals from the housetops and not getting heard?

Want to go on competing with your yester-self, for others simply don’t care?

Trying to ‘save time’? For what purpose?

What are you seeing when you look at things, or do you truly look?

Well, perhaps not, for then you’d have to stop— wow, really? “I think on my feet” you say, my destiny seems foggy, the reasons for my activities are… (fill in the blank), and they ought to make some type of sense.


Time-related thinking is all I know.

Am I too late?

How can I catch up.

I have (50+) years on my backside, and it looks it. No one listens to me, and I drink wine to have some self-talks at night, but I may be kidding myself, if I think I know what I’m up to.

Can I only expect more of the same old?

So, what is it you need?

Why did you come here?

Authentic? Prophecy? Both?

Are you wondering if ‘authentic’ can be proven? Is prophecy going to help you? What is prophecy anyway?

Am curious what I’ll find here. Maybe this site is finally what I’ve been trying to find.

Dead Sea Scrolls’ reference is to the Final Prophet of the likes of Elijah, who will appear shortly before Jesus’ return in order to INTERPRET the Prophets of old and the scriptures.

The bible also mentions the disciple Jesus loved. Often we find ‘one Like a son of man’. (What’s LIKE a son of man? An Ape? Or a ‘daughter’ of man). The end-time and the Kingdom, all powerfully encapsulated in Mystery, God’s mystery. The veil was torn right upon Jesus’ removal from the directly physical. Why did we have to wait and go through so much?

Are we being let off the hook?

As the beginning, so is the end. First Adam, last Adam; Eve, anti-type Eve. Jesus’ bride not ‘the ‘church” (what ‘church’, the Vatican, or the dalai-lama’s Buddhist temple)?

Has the truth been revealed?

To whom? How so?

Yes, it has and it is all available now. The big transition has already begun.

What is ‘Spiritual Entrepreneurship’?

It is most of all to follow Jesus and leave everything else behind, mentally and spiritually, for anything we have seen so far


No one understands the message Jesus brought us. All people look to other people for knowledge, comfort & progress in spite of having heard and read all their lives what the right way is.

Rebellion? Ignorance?

Or sheer adherence to Satan (the God-created being on the same spectrum, but on the opposite of Michael)?

Hailing the Pope-Position as ‘great’? Adoring idols? Living in utter poverty while looking to human advice?

Spiritual Entrepreneurship is to spiritualize and actually APPLY what the scriptures are telling us to life and its activities, and not just to think about the bible one hour per week, on Sunday, for it has become ‘Tradition’ to go to ‘church’ and to be too busy otherwise.

Yes, dear, the bible IS the only ‘absolute’, ‘scientific’, ‘concise’, ‘logical’ and ‘applicable’ source for INSTRUCTION to all humans, completely and utterly independent of human opinion.

If you are at least curious to find out what the real way of REPENTING looks like and why the bible’s most important book ‘Revelation’ states that ALL individuals WILL EVENTUALLY WALK WITH GOD, you’ve no other choice but to stick around.

There will not be any sales pitches, major bribes, put-down of others, even the slightest reference to ‘Competition’, nor demands of any type. This organization is an independent, non-denominational, un-incorporated ‘church’ directly under Christ, based on inspired, concise wisdom and authorized to lead humanity into The Kingdom of God and Eternal Life.

All that is being done at this site is encourage people to think for themselves, listen to Prophecy as IT IS WRITTEN, realize that the ONLY power lies in total congruence with God’s law and in eternal submission to Jesus The Christ- I AM-, who is the only Governor (Isaiah 9:6). EVERY individual in aligning with wisdom is MORE POWERFUL than the rest of humanity in all its numbers taken together. In that state of mind we cannot be harmed, period (Isaiah 54:17).

The Final Prophet and Interpreter of the Law has been called, chosen and appointed, and it is not a man. She is one LIKE a son of man, conveniently edited away from the text of the bible under control of militaristic Patriarchs, preventing humanity from knowing the truth upon the orders of God, to whom ‘time’ is not ‘linear’ nor ‘passing’, but eternal and absolute, but TIMING matters. Timing is now for the torn veil to finally call for entry and for God’s Mystery to be dispelled.

This Final Prophet has been groomed all her life in an unconventional fashion, exists completely independently from any one human, any human organization, any human affiliation, any human ‘certification’, and any direct dependence upon anything but Jesus The Christ’s teachings, meaning, message and live-manifestation.

Her function is to guide, tell and inspire humanity to look for the message in the bible, the complete picture, the highest and most abstract idea that supersedes all, is the Truth, and the ONLY way leading to the end of the story of Adam & Eve. This information cannot be ‘discovered’, ‘taught’, or ‘given’ in any ordinary fashion. It has to be already there and to be REVEALED from within.

So it was, beginning in March 2003.

Are you recognizing the Two-Edged Sword? Her way with words is certainly like it.

If you decide now to follow Jesus The Christ, you are also following the Greatest Viral Entrepreneur of ALL Time, whose reference to money was as per the figurative and symbolic transition its symbolism facilitates. Humanity is now in its transition into the end-time, the ‘time’ when we stop ‘counting time’ and begin to realize that the unchanging, all-encompassing God is NOW, not ‘yesterday’, not ‘tomorrow’, not ‘somewhere else’, but right here, in the HEREAFTER of the post-human heavenly Kingdom at hand.

Let’s together use the vehicle of inspired shortcuts to manage this transition to true spiritual power that is above the crutches of technology, the need of worldly concoctions, expertise and murderous activity based on the false perception of the ‘power’ of money. Idealizing the truth, treating money as important as monopoly paper, playing life like a childhood game and trusting that EVERYTHING IS PERFECT and our OMNI-potent Father NEEDS NO HELP…

You can begin to repent (turn your face UPWARD toward life, 180° opposite to looking down toward death) now by always only using the ONE prayer Jesus The Christ gave to us, letting the truth of it finally SINK IN.

There is a different flower to smell for everyone.

Jesus told the individual, “I can do nothing without the Father, who sent me.” Even more importantly, the Father has installed Jesus The Christ as our Governor (Isaiah 9:6), and this King Of Kings told us “I am the vine, ye are the branches: He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without me ye can do nothing. (John 15:5).

The only freedom we have is to do as told, or to rebel against it. Only going with it opens all the doors, all the possibilities and makes life free of chaos, turbulence and final terms, limits & conditions. Within God’s law EVERYTHING is possible. Leonardo Da Vinci’s dream was to see humanity fly.

Let’s do it- without artificial wings.

What are the benefits and bonus information people associated with can find and receive?

Free high-powered tuition for life based on the fundamental wisdom beyond the letter of the bible nowhere else on earth available. Value=$ 1 trillion +

The unique instructions on this web site will adjust, regulate and success-tune your life and entrepreneurial activity from within, without any further assumptions, suppositions and groping in the dark. Value=$1trillion+

Every piece of information you receive is concisely integrated with all wisdom of the bible, logical, comes from the living word and is originated in the unified mind of Christ. All His words & manifestations are being considered before any conclusion, and if in doubt we resort to further inspiration on the matter. Value=$1 trillion +

Every unique and previously unanswerable question relating to Revelation, and up to this point part of God’s Mystery has received or will receive its own page on our site, be exhaustively elaborated upon and once and for all squared away. Any question that can be answered by studying the bible daily will be disregarded, because answers to those questions must be guided by the Holy Spirit for each person on an individual basis. Value=$1 trillion +

Instead of yet another quick fix on how to move faster to and fro, follow human ‘wisdom’, ‘tradition’ and ‘custom’, listening to ‘his-story’, and ‘her-story’, short-term bandages, surface applications, superficial methods, he-says and she-says, schemes and systems of grandeur with a self-exalting name on them, all we give you is FUNDAMENTAL PRINCIPLE and its corrected interpretation; the rock upon which you can build your NEW house of life & enjoyable activities within our Father’s many mansions. These fundamentals are timeless and everlasting. Value=$1 trillion +

The Kingdom was always “AT HAND”, for God always is, and never changes. We groom you as one of the Kings & Queens. Value=$1 trillion +

Repenting explained, blue-printed and guidance assured in its actualization. Value=$1 trillion +

You are getting involved in the end-time movement (“end-time” meaning ‘humanity stops the unnecessary counting of time), even before they officially begin. You will be in a special position, one that only the FOLLOWERS of Jesus can ever achieve. It does NOT matter in what state of mind you currently are. Just opening up will be enough. Value=$1 trillion +

You learn the most essential Timeless Principle, the Primary Principle Of Existence that lends you all the power available. Value=$1 trillion +

You will learn to conquer all of life’s ‘problems’ and gain the highest, most abstract 360-degree perspective that supersedes all else. Value=$ 1 trillion +

You will also gain spiritual power, in a playful, adventurous and interesting manner. Value=$1 trillion +

You will not find any testimonials about this anywhere, for the founder of this web site is the Final Prophet and Interpreter of the ancient Law of the Prophets, which is satisfactory proven and will be perpetuated in its certainty. Value=$1 trillion +

Total Symbolic Value: $12 trillion +

Fact #0: While hewn men’s lives depend on the simultaneous animation of the zillions of processes it takes to run their minds, bodies & circumstances in sync with the Whole (holy) Big Picture via coincidences (coordinated events) within Absolute Timing by The Absolute One (sh’mA), called God, His existence does not depend on our beliefs and opinions.

Fact #1: The bible (KJV & ASV only) is NOT an ‘antiquated religious instrument’, but our instruction manual and only perfect book on earth (all else contains at least one error relative to timeless principles, laws and axioms), proven on 40,000-plus handwritten pages of Math & Logic during the 1930s by Ivan Panin.

Fact #2: The timeless 4th-Layer Meaning of the bible, CANNOT BE ‘taught’. Is is revealed on an individual basis, commensurate with state of awareness of perfection of the individual and only accessible under guidance by a prophet/interpreter.

Fact #3: In The Absolute One, ALL exists here & now. Therefore, time exists in one piece and all things move within that one piece. Since he is being all things, “here” is everywhere and “now” is everything.

Fact #4: English, la lingua pura, is the end-time language, demanding that every single English term must be revered, as well as that all other tongue-breaking ‘languages’ are irrelevant.

Fact#5: The point for our physical existence on earth? “To Overcome Death”, for death is temporary, generated by increasingly error-laden minds within absolute perfection.

The Details On “How To Overcome Death”, Essentially The Graduation To Much Above The Currently All-Encompassing Death-Industry, Are Available Here At this Website To Those With A Basic Understanding, i. e. layers 1 and 2, Of The Bible (KJV & ASV only):

Just as soon as you are through trying to ‘learn from’ the dead (even though the stench of dead bodies should run across a ‘do-not-touch’ message) how to live by dissecting, analyzing, researching, calling yourself a ‘species’ among the animals (animated symbols), proudly naming sickness and disease after yourself, following up on the dead, ‘blessing’, ‘respecting’, even ‘communicating’ with their souls [after The Absolute One (sh’mA), called God, has withdrawn His animation…?!)], continuing to evaluate their error-laden ‘information’, something like framing your false Math results, or mourning your dead body-cells turned to dust every morning, [since ignorance is the transgression that kills, those who die and/or their elders & ancestors (for some, the brainless Amoeba) must be too ignorant to live],

Are you among the few going to be able to re-make their minds into virgins?

Not being able to answer would be even more proof of the complete absence of wisdom and subsequent right(eous) thought, having led to Noe’s currently active 2nd flood of death not by water, as promised in Genesis 9:15, but by fatal falsity, as in taking away of every last talent, or clue (Matthew 25:28 to 30), and blinding from above, only this time it’s not “people eating, drinking and getting married”, but “politics, twitter and cellphone-smalltalk ’till the last minute”, as this inability to navigate and adapt to the eternal states of scripture is preventing all of humanity from access to the very corrective interpretation of advanced scripture symbolism that is necessary for the supersedence of the current 99.9% deadly transgression by ignorance affecting all 7.5 billion-plus people (personified ideas) on earth, in particular because wisdom (lit. White Field) is as precise as Math and ONE single error collapses ANY theory (lit. Godcraft) as there is no ‘fiction’ and no word, not even a single thought-impulse of turbulence-causing falsity, hatred, attack and bunk “opinions” hurled into the ether 24/7 remains unattended.

The Motto? Galatians 6:7– Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth [in frequent thought-impulses of intent for self and “others” in the same One Body], that shall he also reap [is being carefully monitored & recorded in minute detail, every nuance of voice as well as in context to the all-in-one cosmos, simultaneously evaluated and its result in regards to wisdom & understanding, as well as its consistent application, executed life-or-death wise accordingly by the self-enforcing setup of heaven & earth].

So, what then is the Ingenious Challenge & Grand Divide?

1-The fact that only those who understand Jesus’ hidden meanings correctly can have eternal life, for being congruent with the mind of God does not happen by itself. (This had to be said- only not by Jesus Himself, for He is too modest to toot His own horn.)

2- The fact that no individual can attain eternal life by physically fighting, outdoing or eliminating (murdering) anybody else, but only by overcoming (superseding) the enemy of falsehood, misunderstanding and misrepresentation in his own mind.

What would you do, if you had the one and only exclusive source before you, right here, right now, that is able to give you the answer to the ONE question that matters, again, “Do you know the POINT for your existence on earth? (wouldn’t you love to be able to tell your pastor, or other miscellaneous cleric, the answer to that and much, much more that he never even heard of??)”

The finally correct, and therefore life-saving, lasting interpretation of all 4 layers of scriptural wisdom is now available:

Best wishes and highest regards,

Ina Bliss AKA TheFig

P. S. It is true: you cannot find this detailed corrective and priceless interpretation of scripture anywhere else, or from anybody else on earth.

From Odessa TX New Jer-USA-lem