Satan begins at ONE SINGLE error:

Fallen Lucifer- now a mere prop guy for the visible earth.

Just as a single infinitesimal piercing deflates a balloon, so is any theory, idea, formula, material or product instantaneously invalidated, even with the smallest error.

Corruption, too, does not begin with the embezzlement of $$ millions but with the mere first thought-impulse of ‘should I,’ ‘what would happen if,’ or ‘how much can I get away with,’.

Another example: ‘science’ relating everything to ‘time’, when, even in a billion years, NOTHING spontaneously self-selectively switches itself on, assembles itself, or eliminates itself without the simultaneous readiness and involvement of all its ingredients and an animation force that functions in a controlled environment according to a pre-established framework of laws and mutually compatible processes and that also do not self-form, or ~systematize in a balanced, synchronized and absolutely timed fashion- with the exact outcome in mind (the mind of God is the ONLY thing that moves.)

Satan does not have ‘power’ over life and death (See Job 1, 2), but his|its actions seduce you into the belief in falsity. It is your own supposition of ‘evil’ (error, incorrect, irrational; your ignorance, incompetence, idiocy, insanity and irrelevance) that kills, as “blasphemy of the Holy Ghost” stands for “the inferior mind of little animated 2D images of hewn men (humans) with limited understanding felling judgment on the superior magnificent radio-interactive broadband picture (a) that cannot be affected by them; (b) whose misconception leads to their own elimination from God’s infallible backdrop, since error has no permanence within absolute precision.

From Odessa TX New Jer-USA-lem