Following Jesus?

Full-size picture, His REAL portrait, in 2nd eBook

Would you like being surrounded by people that ‘worship’ you religiously, and, as soon as they leave your presence, behave like loud-barking vicious attack dogs?

Is it fair to say that nobody wants to be ‘adored’, when it is obvious that those adoring you do not understand a single meaning of a word you say?

Earth’s celebrities go through this over and again, when the oh so attentive public ‘loves’ you, yet they don’t know a thing about you, and if you bother speaking to them, they have no idea where you come from.

The first step to following Jesus is to stop idolizing Him and the second to ask for inspiration by the female Holy Spirit, Ruach, as to the 4-layer meaning of His many hints, breadcrumbs, parables, metaphors and living examples.

What would you do, if you had the one and only exclusive source before you, right here, right now, that is able to give you the answer to the ONE question that matters, again, “Do you know the POINT for your existence on earth? (wouldn’t you love to be able to tell your pastor, or other miscellaneous cleric, the answer to that and much, much more that he never even heard of??)”

The finally correct, and therefore life-saving, lasting and priceless interpretation of all 4 layers of scriptural wisdom is now available:

Best wishes and highest regards,

Ina Bliss AKA TheFig

P. S. It is true: you cannot find this detailed corrective interpretation of scripture anywhere else, or from anybody else on earth.

From Odessa TX New Jer-USA-lem