Golden Bible Secrets

“Also, did you know that spiritual wisdom is as precise as Math and


(usually false) assumptions of  actual 4-layer bible meaning lead to the same death by ignorance as they did for the 200 DEAD generations before you?”

All things exist in synchronous concert with all else and within absolute timing- imagine the “zillions” upon “zillions” of variables!

Fact is that if one does not understand earth’s #1 mandatory instruction manual correctly (which can only be measured against the logic of Jesus’ own words and His hidden meanings), one has no foundation nor chance to pass all of God’s violent, torturous and hellbound tests unscathed.

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To this day, nobody else can answer this question:

“Why are we here on earth?”

nobody else on earth but:  Ina Bliss AKA TheFig.

Add to it these 10 simple questions out of over 300, that also have not been answered by any ‘scholar’, or God ‘expert’ to this day, let alone by you, or your worldly clergyman (man: earthly man_I_fest_ation).

1- Why do people, especially children, die?

2- How are you violating God’s Copyright?

3- What is the exact outcome of God’s plot, or script(ure)?

4- What is the biggest mistake humans make?

5- Which book of the bible depicts the important end-time events almost literally?

6- Why can the woman of Revelation 12 not be ‘the church‘?

7- Why are ‘immortality’, ‘longevity’, or ‘survival’ not even close to comparable with “eternal life”?

8- Why is the mere belief in the existence of time-‘lines‘, ‘randomness‘, ‘entropy‘ and ‘chaos‘ the downfall and death of mainstream ‘science’?

9- How can one be sure that one is saved from death and damnation?

Plus- BTW- answer this: 10- Who “wired” the earth and below (only!) for perfect indestructible, impossible to distort surround-sound, a highly complex task, even when only performed in a small room-  simultaneously with the preformed ability of all people and animals since before birth, even plants at maturity, to distinguish said sound exactly, which is also a complex simultaneous bundle of processes?

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Deuteronomy 18:18- I will raise them up a Prophet from among their brethren, like unto thee, and will put my words in his mouth; and he shall speak unto them all that I shall command him. John 19:11- Jesus answered, Thou couldest have no power at all against me, except it were given thee from above: therefore he that delivered me unto thee hath the greater sin.


Summation of importance for the possession of this eBook:

  • The world’s #1 compendium of hidden spiritual secrets being proven to be the sole terrestrial source for the practical facts on how to attain eternal life, while still animated;
  • NO-wine and OLD-wine ignorance superseded, thus “overcome”, by NEW-wine highest wisdom in full clarity;
  • REAL news- NEW on earth ends all deadly redundancy;
  • All statements in full agreement with Jesus’ own words and their real 4th-layer purely allegorical meaning, including the foreshadowing texts of the Old Testament;
  • The entire simultaneous mystery of both testaments finally revealed in detail by one who was designed, created, born and even given an extensive pedigree for this distinct purpose, although the for once correctly interpreted spiritual facts speak for themselves.

What would you do, if you had the one and only exclusive source before you, right here, right now, that is able to give you the answer to the ONE question that matters, again, “Do you know the POINT for your existence on earth? (wouldn’t you love to be able to tell your pastor, or other miscellaneous cleric, the answer to that and much, much more that he never even heard of??)”

The finally correct, and therefore life-saving, lasting and priceless interpretation of all 4 layers of scriptural wisdom is now available:

Best wishes and highest regards,

Ina Bliss AKA TheFig

P. S. It is true: you cannot find this detailed corrective interpretation of scripture anywhere else, or from anybody else on earth.


“People may think they have all eternity to make their decisions about that eternity- but it ain’t so: in order to achieve a different result than the 200 DEAD generations beforehand, immediate corrections must be made (since death by ignorance can rush in momentarily in all of its versions, variations and variety- humanity has been given ca. 7 decades for this task) and they are NOT ‘improvements’, or ‘upgrades’, but constitute new, original comprehension that is so much higher than the carnal “spewdom” of irrational ugliness going around that kills the harbingers of falsehood in self and cross-elimination as it supersedes the former in the renewed establishment of the rectified.”

From Odessa TX New Jer-USA-lem